Link Roundup of Air Quality, HVAC, and Overall Health Articles – 11/6

Air Quality

FilterSnap’s Weekly Roundup of Air, HVAC, Home Improvement and Overall Health

This is a new thing we’re trying out here at FilterSnap…

Towards the end of each week, I’ll be rounding up and sharing with you the articles I’ve enjoyed about health, air quality, home improvement, and HVAC happenings in our world. Please know that I have no affiliation with any of the following companies, people, or articles; I just enjoyed what they had to say.

We hope you enjoy them as well:

  • 4 Easy Money-Saving Strategies to Keep Your Home Comfortable and Safe. Here’s a nice take on every homeowner’s relationship with the “complex system” we call home, and HVAC’s “invisible” role in it. (MyCentralJersey, 2 minute read)
  • Two weeks ago the World Health Organization released a study classifying the consumption of red meat as “probably carcinogenic to humans.” Now we find out that the British Medical Journal has published a study saying that drinking two or more sodas per day increases your risk of heart failure. Yikes! What’s next? (3 minute read)
  • A new Harvard study finds that reducing pollutants and carbon dioxide in the workplace can have a significant effect on cognitive abilities and decision-making. (Huffington Post, 1 minute read)
  • Take a deep breath. Relax. Worry less, and start learning how to be a passenger. (Raptitude, 6 minute read)
  • These are the 11 worst cities in the US when it comes to air pollution. On that note, I thought California was supposed to be “green” and have great air quality, but 6 of the 11 cities hail from the Golden State. Ouch. (com, 4 minute read)
  • For those with a bit of a green thumb, here are some gardening tips as the temperatures continue to drop. (Better Homes, 5 minute read)
  • Here’s a nice checklist for preventative home maintenance this fall. If you haven’t done some of these already, time is ticking! (Home Advisor, 1 minute read)

If you’re reading something particularly interesting on the web about home maintenance/improvement, HVAC, or air filtration, please send it my way: or on twitter @filtersnap.

Now, I leave you with this on Friday afternoon:

It's been a long week I need a glass of catbernet - It's been a long week I need a glass of catbernet Business Cat


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