Why Quality Filter Construction Matters

Talking to filter sales people is like listening to that guy who is always bragging about his latest Crossfit accomplishment. I don’t care that you can bench press a small car. And, I really don’t care that your quality filter uses heavy-duty beverage board in its frame. All I really need to know is if it will clean the air in my home. What the heck is beverage board anyway?

At FilterSnap we will sell you a high quality filter. Better quality than you can buy at the store. I could bore you with the details of our two-sided, glued frame, our 30-gauge metal media support grid, and that they are made right here in the US of A. These would all be great points. In reality though, filter quality is important because we ship our filters to your door.

There are two types of damage that I have seen our FilterSnap boxes encounter after handing them off to the postal service. The first is total destruction of the box and the product inside. It’s almost as if the delivery person placed the box in front of their vehicle and ran over it. Then, for good measure, they backed over it. The second type is minor damage that could be from a heavy object, say a person’s foot, being placed (read: stomping) on top of our box.

There is nothing we can do about boxes that are totally destroyed. Our only solution is to send you a new order of filters at no cost to you. Thankfully this type of damage does not happen very often. But, when it does, we have some fun trying to imagine exactly how that particular box got destroyed.

Boxes with minor damage are usually no problem for FilterSnap. Why? Because of that double-sided, heavy-duty frame you didn’t care about a few paragraphs ago. Our filters are built to take more abuse than the typical store-bought filter. Store-bought filters are built to be picked up at the store and lovingly transported home in your car. They were not built to be placed in a box and run through the gauntlet that is our postal service.

Allow me to illustrate. This past week we received two orders of filters at our office. One was from FilterSnap, and the other was from a competitor that sells store-bought filters. Here is how the boxes arrived:

Quality Filter - Box Comparison

Both were delivered by the postal service on the same day. Both sustained minor box damage. The real story was told when we opened the boxes and pulled the filters out.

Quality Filter - Filter Durability Comparison

The FilterSnap filter, although it sustained some slight damage, was still usable. In other words it passed the “I’d-put-that-in-my-mom’s-house” test. The competitor’s filter, despite having the least box damage, would not have passed the test. I’m not sure it would have passed the” I’d-put-that-in-my-competitor’s-house” test!

Now, you are reading a FilterSnap article written by the guy that started the company. Of course it is going to make my filters look better than the competitors. But I’m smoking what I am selling. I use FilterSnap filters in my house. FilterSnap filters are used in my mom’s house. And, if you try out FilterSnap and don’t like the filters, let me know. I’ll be shocked, and maybe not believe you, but you’ll get your money back.

The moral of the story is this. If you want store-bought filters, you are better off buying them at the store. If you want the convenience of your filters being sent to you when it is time to change them, and you want a quality filter that will arrive in great condition, choose FilterSnap.


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