Why Quality Filter Construction Matters

Talking to filter sales people is like listening to that guy who is always bragging about his latest Crossfit accomplishment. I don’t care that you can bench press a small car. And, I really don’t…

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MERV vs. MPR vs. FPR

MERV vs. MPR vs. FPR: The Definitive Guide

THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO AIR FILTER RATINGS: MERV vs. MPR vs. FPR If you’re looking for MERV, MPR, and FPR explanations for air filters, look no further. This is the most comprehensive explanation on the…

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4 Things To Reduce Your Risk of a House Fire

According to the National Fire Protection Association, over half of all house fires occur in December, January, and February. As you might presume, many of the risks are related to heating equipment and its operation….

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